Ever get to an advertisement video where the speaker is telling you they have some big money making secret to share with you?  But first they have to explain a bunch of literature about why you should continue to listen to them, and at the end you find out that they really aren’t willing to share that information with you unless you pay them for some book?  Getting the run around, with lots of bitcoin websites out there both scam and real, misinformation and tons of flash pages with marketing implemented graphics and techniques to suck you in while not really giving full details on what you’re getting yourself into?  BitcoinAllStars.com hates the run around, too, so this website is here to provide users with the best and safest websites to browse pertaining to bitcoin.  If it’s not here, it’s not safe.  At least that’s what the Goal is.  All you have to do is a little bit of reading.

The secret to making bitcoin:  There is no secret.  You simply have to accept it.  For a company, or company owner, or service provider, this can be as simple as accepting bitcoin as payment for your products or services.  However, for an average person with a demanding job and a family to support this is can be an impossible task.  While the average person would love to spend their free time getting “rich”, bitcoin is not something that could ever be called a get rich quick scheme.  What you can do, however, is get in on the marketing of bitcoin while you still have a chance.  Think of it like playing a video game.  I used to spend hours playing games on my free time.  Now I spend hours playing the internet to acquire bitcoin here and there through different sources.  It could be fun! When you get into the fun and excitement of the growth of bitcoin and the companies circulating and sprouting around it, you have to think that even if you scrounged up a mere $3.00 worth of bitcoin and it took you a month, it could be worth $3,000 in a few years.  Why waste your time on such a gamble?  Well I have to ask, will playing video games make you $3,000?  Will playing them make you $3?  Probably not, so if bitcoin were to fail, all you did was wasted some time.  Unless you have small amounts of money to invest that won’t break your bank, there is no investment needed.  You can look at it as a large slot machine that is just taking a long time to stop spinning.  You will either benefit exponentially, or you will not.  The links provided have been carefully selected to be legitimate, so if this is at all the wave of the future, anyone who is a part of this now should have success when bitcoin becomes an everyday commodity.

There are many companies and websites that are willing to pay YOU in bitcoin for performing certain tasks on the internet that most of us do every day anyways.  This even includes installing a free app on your smart phone and running it.  Getting paid to install an app?  Now that’s something! Some of these companies promise big returns, and some promise very small deposits into your bitcoin wallet. Some provide a ‘point system’ that you can use to trade for bitcoin, or other altcoins.  The problem is that there are a lot of websites making false promises at the expense of your time and/or hard earned cash in order to boost their ratings for free for their own self benefit and success, leaving you out to dry.  Whether the return is small or big, people are getting scammed out of their time.  BitcoinAllStars.com is designed to completely weed out the scammers, fakes, flakes and misinformation websites in the bitcoin community.  This includes blogs, forums, websites, and even alternate cryptocurrencies.

This is the Goal.  As this is still in preliminary stages, only time will allow expansion, and any websites not listed here are considered a higher risk.  During our times of growth, links found within the website already will guide you to the source.  Daily updates will keep the list growing so be sure to check back often. Any and all donations or contributions will be very appreciated and will be used towards the sole expansion of this project.   Any links or ads on BitcoinAllStars.com are screened by the webmaster for safety.

BitcoinAllStars.com is a part of a much larger project that can help individuals who actually want to turn their lives around succeed, job creation and help prevent people and businesses from having a tough economical transition into the bitcoin era.  This project would not have come into existence were it not for the potential of bitcoin and other specific altcoin and the strong belief in the value of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

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