Alternate CryptoCurrencies



What are Altcoins?

Altcoins are real cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin. Many of them differ in some way or form from the Bitcoin and are interesting in their own right however some of them should be avoided. Listed on this page are their basic characteristics.  Click here for my compiled list of scamcoins.

My top Altcoins are based on their ability to stay dominant regarding market caps.  I am only including Mineable coins. Ripple, BanxShares, Stellar, BitShares and MaidSafeCoins are a different approach to cryptocurrencies. Updates for each coin will come with faucets.


Ethereum– Frontier stage, mostly command line right now.  Not for everyone, yet.  Smartcontracts and more coming.


DogeCoin Resources

Because there had to be one!

PotCoin Potcoin Reddit – Current Giveaways on Reddit! The name is self explanatory.  An excellent community, with very high potential.

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