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Last Updated: 8/25/2015 @ 5:21 AM CST

If you know of a paying DogeCoin faucet that is not listed here let me know and I’ll add it.

Faucets– A new DogeCoin Faucet made by the wonderful people at!  You can now win up to $200 in Dogecoin every hour!  Minimum payout is 5 DOGE Just look Moonbit but Doge’s.  Just claim your doges every 5 minutes, or whenever you want to.  It keeps building if you wait after 5 minutes but there’s a cap.

DogeFaucet– Get about 2 Free Dogecoin once every 12 hours.  Simply submit your DogeCoin address and fill in the captcha and press enter.

CryptoSpout– Get 1-5 free dogecoin once a day!  Simply submit your DogeCoin address and fill in the captcha.  No need to sign up!

indogewetrust– Have been using this faucet since day one without problems.  Use the promo code: install gentoo to get an additional amount of dogecoin. This faucet may no longer be working

WowSuchFaucet!– Another good Free Dogecoin faucet that pays.  Not sure of the timer but I use it once a day without problems.