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  • Bitcoin Today: Prices Continue to Slump Heading Into Weekend - May 25, 2018
    TheStreet.comBitcoin Today: Prices Continue to Slump Heading Into WeekendTheStreet.comThe bitcoin community has another treasure hunt on its hands. This time it comes in the form of a word search of sorts. An image was posted this week on a Reddit thread by user "cryptogreetings," who claimed that one whole bitcoin was up for grabs.and more »
  • Bitcoin's Fate? This Cryptoasset Manager Sees Two Possible Outcomes - Fortune May 25, 2018
    FortuneBitcoin's Fate? This Cryptoasset Manager Sees Two Possible OutcomesFortuneBitcoin's future price has been the subject of enormous speculation everywhere from cocktail parties to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Some mega-bulls, like venture capitalist Tim Draper, predict the value will rocket to $250,000 in as ...and more »
  • Bitcoin Price Charts Reveal Trend And Support Levels - Forbes May 25, 2018
    ForbesBitcoin Price Charts Reveal Trend And Support LevelsForbesThe bitcoin price peaked in December, 2017 after an amazing, almost straight-up run for months. It finally broke the uptrend early this year, dropped significantly and has traded mostly sideways-to-down since then with lows placed in February and April.
  • Bitcoin Cash Ends Volatile Week With Modest Gain - Forbes May 25, 2018
    ForbesBitcoin Cash Ends Volatile Week With Modest GainForbesBitcoin Cash has climbed in the last few days, capping a notably volatile week by rallying following the news that mobile banking app Revolut now allows users to buy and sell the alternative protocol asset (altcoin). This decision has simply provided ...
  • When it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, TV shows just can't ... - Quartz May 25, 2018
    QuartzWhen it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, TV shows just can't ...QuartzThink you know cryptocurrency? You're probably wrong. Many people assume crypto will seamlessly replace financial institutions, eradicating big banks' ...Bitcoin's Falling Price Nothing More Than Perception, Or Is There Manipulation?CointelegraphBitcoin price […]
  • How To Hedge Your Bitcoin Bet - Forbes - Forbes May 25, 2018
    ForbesHow To Hedge Your Bitcoin Bet - ForbesForbesIf you're speculating in Bitcoin, you need protection on the downside. Here's a way to hedge your bets.and more »
  • Bitcoin Faces Close Below Long-Term Support In First Since 2015 - Coindesk May 25, 2018
    CoindeskBitcoin Faces Close Below Long-Term Support In First Since 2015CoindeskBitcoin risks closing below the 50-week moving average (MA) – an important long-term support not breached for over two-and-a-half years. With the bears already on the offensive following the recent sell-off, prices are likely to suffer if bitcoin ...
  • Bitcoin: Hash Rate Telling A Bullish Story - Forbes May 25, 2018
    ForbesBitcoin: Hash Rate Telling A Bullish StoryForbesAs the cryptocurrency bear market presses on many investors worry that Bitcoin was just another passing fad. Bitcoin recently broke down past $8000 and is struggling to find support around $7800, the same level where Bitcoin broke out in early April in ...
  • Bitcoin value gyrates amid report of Department of Justice manipulation investigation - USA TODAY May 24, 2018
    USA TODAYBitcoin value gyrates amid report of Department of Justice manipulation investigationUSA TODAYBitcoin prices see-sawed Thursday following a report that the Department of Justice and the nation's top commodities regulator are investigating whether traders have manipulated the price of digital currencies. The value of Bitcoin, the largest digital […]

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  • The NASDAQ Still Hasn't Recovered from the 15 Year-Old Dot-Com Bubble, How Long Will it Take Bitcoin? December 27, 2014
    If you were investing in tech stocks back in the late nineties, you may still be trying to recover your initial investment. It's been 15 years since the NASDAQ index hit an all-time high of just over 5000, yet it still hasn't regained that high which was driven by intense speculation on the value of Internet-based companies.Here we are just over a […]
  • And I'm Back... December 11, 2014
    Philosophies aside, nine months later and I'm back into Bitcoin. I am a trader after all, am I not?
  • Meanwhile in the Capital of Slovenia... December 11, 2014
    [vimeo 114190446 w=500 h=281] Bitcoin in Ljubljana from Bitnik on Vimeo.
  • Anyone Still Around from 2011? December 11, 2014
    I can't believe I started blogging about Bitcoin over three years ago! Are any of my original readers still out there?  Who knew we'd go from a market cap of under $50 million to over $5 billion! Crazy!Anyway, please share your stories in the comments below.
  • Testing 1, 2, 3... December 9, 2014
    Hello, hello.  Testing 1, 2, 3.  Is anyone still out there?  Still awaiting the Bitcoin Renaissance... I think it's coming but not just yet.
  • If Someone Buys Bitcoin Today, They'll be Lucky to See a 300%+ ROI March 2, 2014
    There's significantly less incentive for someone to speculate on Bitcoin today. To see a return comparable to what we've been seeing over the last couple of years, the amount of capital that would have to be injected into the markets is exponentially more than it was just over a year ago. This is going to cause investors to really do their homework […]
  • I Sold All My Bitcoins March 2, 2014
    There are better ways to implement globally distributed ledgers that allow for instant payments, sans drama.Feel free to comment on this post when Bitcoin hits $10,000 so you can ask me how "butt-hurt" I am!
  • Ripple's Director of Business Development: Major Players to Adopt the Network in Near Future November 21, 2013
    Ripple Labs has been on a massive hiring spree, recently boosting their payroll to 30 employees:We're a team of 30 now! Meet the latest additions to our tech team: #ripple— Chris Larsen (@chrislarsensf) November 6, 2013Occasionally they'll use their blog to profile a new hire; this time it was Welly Scully, their new "Di […]
  • This Will End Poorly November 19, 2013
    I don't care how awesome Bitcoin is; all signs point to a massive bubble:tradingview.comYou can't go parabolic forever!
  • "Bitcoin Black Friday" Parters with "Fight for the Future" November 16, 2013
    Site: http://bitcoinblackfriday.comSite: BLACK FRIDAY PARTNERS WITH FIGHT FOR THE FUTUREEnergizing Bitcoin’s Second Annual Black Friday EventBitcoin Black Friday (formerly known as Bitcoin Friday) announced today a partnership with Fight for the Future, a digital rights advocacy group best known organizing the first m […]


Bitcoin Trading Signals

  • Long Term Update March 20, 2018
    Since the last update on February 13 there are not many new developments. The monthly KAMA average is flat, which allows us to calculate fairly reliable levels of support and resistance. As you can see nothing interesting happened with the BTCUSD cross that remains inside the supports and resistance levels (yellow lines). I have added … Continue reading Long […]
  • Long Term Update: Bottom Done Yes or No? February 13, 2018
    On 18 January 2018, I wrote that the bottom was probably done but I hinted that at the break of the same I would have closed my long term position, unfortunately there was a subsequent very strong selling activity after a weak reaction from the support of the weekly chart (at about 9500$). In these … Continue reading Long Term Update: Bottom Done Yes or No? […]
  • Long Term Update: Bottom Done. January 18, 2018
    BTCTrading market coverage
  • Long Term Update: 2018 Outlook with entropic methods January 2, 2018
    Every beginning of a new year i post an outlook using entropic methods explained in the technical section of this blog. Here you can find the 2015, 2016 and 2017 forecast update, where you can find more information about this approach. Updated values for bitcoin (in brackets values of last year) using daily data since August … Continue reading Long Term Upda […]
  • Weekly Range Update: Bottom Done December 26, 2017
    BTCTrading, bitcoin market coverage
  • Long Term Update: new support area December 22, 2017
    This is the last version of my KAMA indicator (public at tradingview) with default settings tuned for BTCUSD weekly chart. In the previous two occasions the first deviation line held well the drop, notice how in the recent November bottom the price was at an intermediate level between the Kama and the first negative line, an … Continue reading Long Term Upda […]
  • Quantitative Analysis of Altcoins, part III December 17, 2017
    In part I and II I did a quantitative analysis on altcoins and possible strategies on how to capitalize on their weakness compared to bitcoin. In Part III we will see how to allocate a portfolio starting with Fiat currencies. In the table below you will find cryptos with relative gains (G) and volatility (RMS) … Continue reading Quantitative Analysis of Altc […]
  • Weekly Range Update: CBOE/CME is coming! December 10, 2017
    BTCTrading Market Coverage of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
  • Offtopic: Quantitative Analysis of Altcoins, part II December 5, 2017
    Asset Allocation of altcoins towards bitcoin - BTCTrading
  • Weekly Range Update: again at resistance December 3, 2017
    XBT/USD weekly price range 10500$-14400$ | The resistance zone for this week is very wide and ranges from 12000$ to 17000$ and is defined by the 2nd and 4th deviation line, we start the week again near a resistance but I think it is possible to reach 14400$ with a maximum peak at 17000$ eventually … Continue reading Weekly Range Update: again at resistance […]



  • Digital Nomad Tips For Staying Safe May 26, 2018
    Are you thinking of ditching the desk job for good and becoming a “digital nomad,” traveling the world while working remotely from exotic locations? It’s an exciting proposition but there are some considerations and safety tips to keep in mind if you decide to make the leap. Also read Lear Capital dozemode / Pixabay Join […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • First Dutch company to accept Bitcoin [BTC] and Neo [NEO] – ProSeo May 26, 2018
    In the world where Search goes Digital, ProSeo is a search engine optimization agency which specializes in search engine marketing. It is a Dutch company based in Ireland and is an SEO specialist since 1999. ProSeo and Web design are the top ranking SEO Companies who provide SEO services in Ireland. The Search Engine Optimization […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • 1.2 Billion Cryptocurrency Stolen May 26, 2018
    mohamed_hassan / Pixabay Couple of stories that caught our attention, readers may be interested  in comments on the topic from Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of web security company High-Tech Bridge: 1.2 billion cryptocurrency stolen “Unregulated cryptocurrencies are an emerging Klondike for cybercriminals. A well-prepared attack is uninvestigable, risk of persecution […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Russians into cryptocurrency, Prime Minister neglects crypto slangs May 25, 2018
    Duma, a Russian State has finally given the approval of the first reading of the most awaited legislation package that regulates cryptocurrency related topics. Under a few conditions the legalization of cryptocurrency, their exchange and circulation have been granted by the Russian Federation.  In a speech during the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Int […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Deutsche Boerse adopts Bitcoin [BTC] even with the volatile market May 25, 2018
    The Chief Executive Officer of Clearstream and a member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Boerse, Jeffrey Tessler contemplates on offering cryptocurrency products. The executive board member of the German company which provides services for derivative markets and equity trading, in an event on Wednesday, talked about adopting cryptocurrency. Currently, ther […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Uphold supports XRP Ledger, Coinbase loses customers! May 25, 2018
    Uphold recently announced full support for the XRP Ledger. Traders on the Uphold exchange platform can move XRP to their wallets from the exchange after exchanging it with fiat currencies. This move is part of Uphold’s strategy to make XRP generally accessible to the general public in the United States. It offers over 1500 pairings […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Verge [XVG] – A wounded cryptocurrency in the market May 25, 2018
    The cryptocurrency world has faced numerous attacks on its technology since its inception. There are mega cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin [BTC] who maintain their security system with affirmative knowledge. Unlike Verge [XVG], which is a relatively small coin on the cryptocurrency market, has suffered attacks of their network’s underminin […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH] launches Bitek, allows conversion to Pesos May 25, 2018
    Bitek is a new launch by BCH. It is a brand new payment processor of the Bitcoin Cash network. This system allows merchants from Columbia to accept BCH and convert Pesos as and when their need. Bitek’s business model is considered to be somewhat similar to the Bitpay Service system as it offers BCH based […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Miners won’t attack Litecoin [LTC] and “kill cash chikun” – Charlie Lee May 25, 2018
    After his tweet yesterday announcing the 51% attack on Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin’s Charlie Lee proved the dominance of Litecoin in all altcoins that used Scrypt for Proof of Work. Scrypt is a password-key based derivation function. The function was created by Colin Percival and was specifically designed to make it costly to perform large-scale hardware […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Decentralized TV: Senior Citizen? Buy Bitcoin as a Birthday Present! May 25, 2018
    Bitcoin Warrior

  • Podcast Platform Castbox Launches Blockchain Project to Reward Creators May 25, 2018
    Award-winning global podcast platform Castbox has announced the release of ContentBox, a blockchain-based infrastructure for decentralized digital content. The project is backed by Bo Shen — the founder of Fenbushi Capital and an early adopter of Ethereum — who will serve as both a cornerstone investor and strategic advisor to the team. Shen said, “The natur […]
    Nick Marinoff
  • First Bitcoin Mining Conference Hashes Over the High Cost of Energy May 25, 2018
    Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as Ireland, and by the end of 2018, the Bitcoin network will be using as much energy as Austria, according to a new report by Alex de Vries of the Experience Center of PwC in the Netherlands.Billed as the first serious, peer-reviewed study of energy use in crypto mining, the report has set off alarm bells, adding to cu […]
    Jessie Willms
  • Op Ed: The Benefits of Incentivizing Node Operators in Public Blockchains May 25, 2018
    The cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous growth this year, with a 3,363 percent increase in market capitalization and a 216 percent increase in cryptocurrency and asset exchanges. While this is certainly promising, it foreshadows a unique scalability problem. At present, most crypto companies are almost entirely dependent on the charity of “nodes” to […]
    Rob Viglione
  • German Stock Exchange Eyes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies May 25, 2018
    Frankfurt Stock Exchange parent company, Deutsche Boerse AG, appears to have begun work on technology that will allow them to offer their clients bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related products.In December 2017, regulators in the U.S. greenlit bitcoin futures trading for the CME Group and CBOE Futures Exchange, but since then, no major European exchange has jump […]
    Shawn Gordon
  • Distributed Business Accelerator Launches to Cultivate Blockchain Startups May 24, 2018
    As part of New York Blockchain Week, Distributed Business Accelerator (DBA) publicly launched their global blockchain accelerator community designed to cultivate an ecosystem of blockchain startups.The CEO of the project is Tom Tao, formerly of IBM and Chainbase Accelerator. In opening remarks, Tao gave his outlook on the industry and extrapolated on where h […]
    Randolph Malone
  • U.S. Justice Department Probes Price Manipulation on Bitcoin Markets May 24, 2018
    The U.S. Justice Department is looking into whether the price of bitcoin and other virtual currencies are being manipulated, according to a report in Bloomberg that referenced four unnamed sources for the information.Still in its early phases, the criminal probe will bring in other agencies, like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), a regulator t […]
    Amy Castor
  • Coinbase Takes Another Step Toward Trading ICO Tokens by Acquiring Paradex May 23, 2018
    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has taken another step toward trading ERC20 tokens by acquiring decentralized relayer Paradex. ERC20 is the Ethereum technical standard that the majority of initial coin offering (ICO) tokens are based on.Paradex announced the news on its website today, May 23, 2018, adding that its site will be down temporarily while it work […]
    Amy Castor
  • Argentinian Bank Allows Cross-Border Payments with Bitcoin May 23, 2018
    Banco Masventas in Argentina announced via its Facebook page that it is introducing a new program that will allow customers to make cross-border payments using bitcoin. The institution has partnered with the Latin America–focused exchange startup Bitex — founded in 2014 — to potentially compete with SWIFT, a global, bank-owned messaging network.SWIFT, which […]
    Nick Marinoff
  • Distributed Dialogues With Tatiana Moroz May 23, 2018
    In partnership with the Distributed Event Series and the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network, "Distributed Dialogues" gives listeners a cross section of the cryptocurrency and enterprise blockchain ecosystem by giving voice to the people, ideas and projects that make it possible.The following interviews came from Tatiana Moroz during the Distributed: M […]
    Bitcoin Magazine
  • Here's What Happened At Graceland’s Ethereum Conference May 23, 2018
    Throughout 2018, blockchain and cryptocurrency hackathons are taking place on every continent but Antartica. In the United States alone, conferences are happening in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Berkeley, Raleigh, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle and, of course, Silicon Valley. Some conferences will be more inclined toward a particular sector like Blockchain Hea […]
    David Hollerith


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