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  • Australian Tax Office Warns Traders About Declaring Cryptocurrency Profits December 19, 2018
    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has reissued a warning to traders to ensure they declare their cryptocurrency profits when reporting their annual revenues. The ATO has warned Aussie crypto traders numerous times in the past but the issue is now reaching fever pitch. Cryptocurrency regulatory requirements across Western nations tend to be quite lax when […]
    Alan Wass
  • Bitcoin Futures Manipulation: How it Works and How to Reduce It December 19, 2018
    The markets were euphoric. The community was cheer-leading the imminent launch of Bitcoin futures first on the CBOE and then on the CME. Bitcoin reached its all time high. They saw this as an indication that institutional investors were just around the corner and that Bitcoin was about to “moon.” Fast forward to today and the The post Bitcoin Futures Manipul […]
    Nic Puckrin
  • Chinese Internet Court Uses Blockchain To Combat Online Plagiarism December 19, 2018
    An Internet Court launched in Eastern Chinese City Hangzhou will now use blockchain to fight plagiarism for online writers, local Chinese news outlet reported. China launched its first internet court in the city of Hangzhou to deal with internet related cases, save time and reduce overhead costs of getting justice out of the system. At The post […]
    Jimmy Aki
  • Op-Ed: Defrauded Municipalities Demonstrate Use Case For Smart Contracts December 19, 2018
    In June, Galveston County (Texas) discovered that it had paid over $525,000 to someone it didn’t owe money to, a scam artist posing as a representative of a firm doing work for the county. The author contends this would be nearly impossible in a system of smart contracts described herein. The scammer used social engineering The post Op-Ed: Defrauded Municipa […]
    P. H. Madore
  • Bankers Raise Concerns Over Robinhood’s New Saving Accounts December 19, 2018
    Robinhood launched its 3% interest “checking and savings” accounts last week. With 3% well over the average rate offered by conventional banks and some key differentials in the insurance that protects investors in Robinhood’s new products, U.S banking organizations are speaking out. The new accounts from the trading platform, at first glance, appear to be Th […]
    Melanie Kramer
  • AriseBank CEO Settles SEC Charges December 19, 2018
    CCN previously reported on the arrest and murky background of Jared Rice, Sr., the “CEO” of the AriseBank ICO scheme which saw him lining his pockets and paying personal expenses out of raised funds in the extreme. Yesterday afternoon, the SEC announced that it had reached a settlement with Rice as regards its part of The post AriseBank CEO Settles SEC Charg […]
    P. H. Madore
  • Court: Dark Web Bitcoin Murder-For-Hire Suspect Remains Under GPS Monitoring December 19, 2018
    A DuPage County, Illinois judge has ruled that a woman charged with paying $10,000 in bitcoin for a Dark Web hitman to have her former lover’s wife killed must continue wearing a GPS monitoring device as the case goes on. 32 year-old Tina Jones of Des Plaines, Illinois has been arraigned on four counts of solicitation The post Court: Dark Web Bitcoin Murder- […]
    David Hundeyin
  • The Big Short: Former IMF Economist Finally Closes Year-Old Bitcoin Short December 19, 2018
    A year ago today, Bitcoin peaked at $19,511. Former International Monetary Fund economist and Pharo Senior Risk Trader Mark Dow made an unpopular bet not long thereafter: Bitcoin would not sustain its growth and the price would slip from there. He entered a short position and rode his intuition all the way to the bank, The post The Big Short: Former IMF Econ […]
    P. H. Madore
  • Coinbase Pro Adds Another Four Ethereum Tokens Including DAI December 19, 2018
    In a slew of additions and developments, and not unexpectedly, Coinbase has added four more Ethereum tokens. Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR), and Zilliqa (ZIL) will be added to the Coinbase Professional platform but with some regional restrictions. GNT and DAI will be available in the US, but not New York, in the UK, The post Coinbase Pro Adds Another Fo […]
    Melanie Kramer
  • Swiss Federal Council Opts for Minimal Regulation December 18, 2018
    A report based on the analysis conducted by a blockchain working group that was appointed earlier this year has been adopted by the collective head of state and government of Switzerland, the Federal Council. Among other things the report has concluded that the legal framework of Switzerland can handle new technologies such as blockchain with The post Swiss […]
    Mark Emem

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  • The NASDAQ Still Hasn't Recovered from the 15 Year-Old Dot-Com Bubble, How Long Will it Take Bitcoin? December 27, 2014
    If you were investing in tech stocks back in the late nineties, you may still be trying to recover your initial investment. It's been 15 years since the NASDAQ index hit an all-time high of just over 5000, yet it still hasn't regained that high which was driven by intense speculation on the value of Internet-based companies.Here we are just over a […]
  • And I'm Back... December 11, 2014
    Philosophies aside, nine months later and I'm back into Bitcoin. I am a trader after all, am I not?
  • Meanwhile in the Capital of Slovenia... December 11, 2014
    [vimeo 114190446 w=500 h=281] Bitcoin in Ljubljana from Bitnik on Vimeo.
  • Anyone Still Around from 2011? December 11, 2014
    I can't believe I started blogging about Bitcoin over three years ago! Are any of my original readers still out there?  Who knew we'd go from a market cap of under $50 million to over $5 billion! Crazy!Anyway, please share your stories in the comments below.
  • Testing 1, 2, 3... December 9, 2014
    Hello, hello.  Testing 1, 2, 3.  Is anyone still out there?  Still awaiting the Bitcoin Renaissance... I think it's coming but not just yet.
  • If Someone Buys Bitcoin Today, They'll be Lucky to See a 300%+ ROI March 2, 2014
    There's significantly less incentive for someone to speculate on Bitcoin today. To see a return comparable to what we've been seeing over the last couple of years, the amount of capital that would have to be injected into the markets is exponentially more than it was just over a year ago. This is going to cause investors to really do their homework […]
  • I Sold All My Bitcoins March 2, 2014
    There are better ways to implement globally distributed ledgers that allow for instant payments, sans drama.Feel free to comment on this post when Bitcoin hits $10,000 so you can ask me how "butt-hurt" I am!
  • Ripple's Director of Business Development: Major Players to Adopt the Network in Near Future November 21, 2013
    Ripple Labs has been on a massive hiring spree, recently boosting their payroll to 30 employees:We're a team of 30 now! Meet the latest additions to our tech team: #ripple— Chris Larsen (@chrislarsensf) November 6, 2013Occasionally they'll use their blog to profile a new hire; this time it was Welly Scully, their new "Di […]
  • This Will End Poorly November 19, 2013
    I don't care how awesome Bitcoin is; all signs point to a massive bubble:tradingview.comYou can't go parabolic forever!
  • "Bitcoin Black Friday" Parters with "Fight for the Future" November 16, 2013
    Site: http://bitcoinblackfriday.comSite: BLACK FRIDAY PARTNERS WITH FIGHT FOR THE FUTUREEnergizing Bitcoin’s Second Annual Black Friday EventBitcoin Black Friday (formerly known as Bitcoin Friday) announced today a partnership with Fight for the Future, a digital rights advocacy group best known organizing the first m […]


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  • Long Term Update: nothing new to report October 1, 2018
    Long Term Update XBTUSD monthly chart
  • Long Term Update March 20, 2018
    Since the last update on February 13 there are not many new developments. The monthly KAMA average is flat, which allows us to calculate fairly reliable levels of support and resistance. As you can see nothing interesting happened with the BTCUSD cross that remains inside the supports and resistance levels (yellow lines). I have added … Continue reading Long […]
  • Long Term Update: Bottom Done Yes or No? February 13, 2018
    On 18 January 2018, I wrote that the bottom was probably done but I hinted that at the break of the same I would have closed my long term position, unfortunately there was a subsequent very strong selling activity after a weak reaction from the support of the weekly chart (at about 9500$). In these … Continue reading Long Term Update: Bottom Done Yes or No? […]
  • Long Term Update: Bottom Done. January 18, 2018
    BTCTrading market coverage
  • Long Term Update: 2018 Outlook with entropic methods January 2, 2018
    Every beginning of a new year i post an outlook using entropic methods explained in the technical section of this blog. Here you can find the 2015, 2016 and 2017 forecast update, where you can find more information about this approach. Updated values for bitcoin (in brackets values of last year) using daily data since August … Continue reading Long Term Upda […]
  • Weekly Range Update: Bottom Done December 26, 2017
    BTCTrading, bitcoin market coverage
  • Long Term Update: new support area December 22, 2017
    This is the last version of my KAMA indicator (public at tradingview) with default settings tuned for BTCUSD weekly chart. In the previous two occasions the first deviation line held well the drop, notice how in the recent November bottom the price was at an intermediate level between the Kama and the first negative line, an … Continue reading Long Term Upda […]
  • Quantitative Analysis of Altcoins, part III December 17, 2017
    In part I and II I did a quantitative analysis on altcoins and possible strategies on how to capitalize on their weakness compared to bitcoin. In Part III we will see how to allocate a portfolio starting with Fiat currencies. In the table below you will find cryptos with relative gains (G) and volatility (RMS) … Continue reading Quantitative Analysis of Altc […]
  • Weekly Range Update: CBOE/CME is coming! December 10, 2017
    BTCTrading Market Coverage of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
  • Offtopic: Quantitative Analysis of Altcoins, part II December 5, 2017
    Asset Allocation of altcoins towards bitcoin - BTCTrading



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  • Tether [USDT] gets a new lease of life as latest research points to the trail of billions December 19, 2018
    Tether [USDT], which has been quite active on the cryptocurrency charts due to the price changes, is no stranger to being in the news spotlight. Several reports have targeted the sixth largest cryptocurrency which has come under fire several times before mainly because of fraud claims. In a research conducted by Bloomberg, the notion that […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange Unsure on Passing Bitmain IPO December 19, 2018
    Earlier this year, Chinese mining hardware manufacturers Ebang, Bitmain, Canaan Creative applied to sell shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). However, according to an anonymous source via CoinDesk, HKEX seems unsure of whether they should approve the Bitmain initial public offering (IPO): “The exchange is very hesitant to actually approve these bit […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Hong Kong Plans to Tighten Regulations on Crypto Industry December 19, 2018
    In an attempt to fight fraud, money laundering, and other issues regarding cryptocurrencies, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong is planning for stricter regulations surrounding exchanges and other crypto bodies, according to the Nikkei Asian Review. Changing The Status Quo Because the country is laxer on regulation than China, Hong Kong […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Bitcoin [BTC]’s “uber and perma-bull” Brian Kelly capitulates which is a bullish sign says Mike Novogratz December 19, 2018
    Brian Kelly, commonly described by CNBC as “uber-bull” and a proponent of Bitcoin said that he is short on Bitcoin, in a CNBC interview on December 17. In response to this, Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz tweeted a sarcastic comment. Brian Kelly spoke about the recent progress that is happening in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community. He compared […] […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Market to maintain volatility before bull tightens grip December 19, 2018
    As the cryptocurrency market is amidst a bull-run, Bitcoin is leading the change by being up by 6.37%. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at a relatively appreciated price of $3,496 with a market cap of $60.9 billion. The 24-hour trading volume was $6 billion. 1-hour: BTCUSD 1-hour candlesticks | Source: tradingview […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • How Cognitive Systems Are Changing Businesses December 19, 2018
    As humans, we have some limitations when it comes to storing and processing data. While our brains can hold large amounts of information, we can’t store as much as computer can, nor can we access all this information readily when we need it. cognitive systems computing, which uses artificial intelligence to harness the computing power […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Bitcoin [BTC] already has a successful data point, states Anthony Pompliano December 18, 2018
    Since the beginning of the year, the entire market has been riding on the back of institutional investors entering the space. The news of big players stepping in also had a massive impact on the price, especially with institutions such as Nasdaq, Fidelity and Intercontinental Exchange raising the hopes and expectations of retail investors. Currently, […] […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Any Benefit To Living Through A Long Era Of High Stock Prices That Eventually Ends? December 18, 2018
    Stock prices always return to fair-value price levels. Never in the history of the market has there been an exception to this rule. So, if prices go to two times fair value, you can know that they are going to come down hard. Eventually. Of course, there is no way of knowing when. Prices might […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • China’s Economy Slows Sharply, In Major Hurdle For Xi December 18, 2018
    Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing his friend’s comment discussing the NY Times article titled, “China’s Economy Slows Sharply, In Challenge For Xi Jinping.” [CC BY 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons A friend who’s lived and invested in China for many years sent me these interesting comments in response to this article I sent […]
    Bitcoin Warrior
  • Best OmiseGO Wallets For 2019: What You Should Use December 18, 2018
    OmiseGo (OMG) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that is intended to facilitate the development of payment gateways and decentralized exchange platforms (or DEXs). The project strives for financial inclusion, and the team promotes the coin with the slogan “unbank the banked.” Although OmiseGo is not widely supported in commercial transactions, the coin has be […]
    Bitcoin Warrior

  • Coinbase Now Lets You Convert your Altcoins into Bitcoin December 19, 2018
    Want to convert your altcoins to bitcoins this Christmas? Coinbase has launched Coinbase Convert, a new feature that allows retail users to make direct crypto-to-crypto conversions on the exchange.Quick Crypto ConversionsThe new feature, which was announced on December 17, 2018, will allow customers to sell one cryptocurrency to buy another, saving traders b […]
    Jimmy Aki
  • Pierre Rochard: “Lightning Adoption Will Basically Mirror Bitcoin Adoption” December 18, 2018
    Lightning is a second-layer solution for the Bitcoin blockchain that addresses the scaling issues surrounding it today.Similar to Bitcoin, Lightning is an open-source protocol in which anyone can contribute to. Whether it is through programming and developing applications or setting up a node, participation in Lightning is not just accessible. It’s welcomed. […]
    Michael Taiberg
  • Syncing Data Between Bitcoin Nodes Is About to Get Easier December 18, 2018
    Minisketch is a new solution that’s trying to solve an old problem.Spearheaded by Blockstream co-founder Pieter Wuille, Bitcoin Core contributor and fellow Blockstream co-founder Gregory Maxwell, and Blockstream software engineer Gleb Naumenko, the open-source initiative is designed to achieve set reconciliation between the mempools of each full node. “Set r […]
    Colin Harper
  • New Shakepay Feature Turns Your Spare Change Into Bitcoin December 17, 2018
    Mobile cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer wallet Shakepay has announced a new product that allows its Canadian customers to buy bitcoin with spare change. Dubbed "ShakePay Change," the pre-launch of the service was announced in a Medium post.The new service connects to a user's bank credit and debit card, rounds up every purchase made to […]
    Jimmy Aki
  • BTCPayServer Expands Lightning Operability, Integrates Spark Wallet December 17, 2018
    Decentralized payment processor BTCPayServer now offers wallet support for c-lightning users.Following its most recent update, the BitPay alternative announced support for Spark Wallet, a client for the Lightning Network's c-lightning implementation created by Bitrated founder and Blockstream contractor Nadav Ivgi. With the implementation into BTCPaySer […]
    Colin Harper
  • Blockstream Satellites Now Cover Asia Pacific, Send Messages With Lightning December 17, 2018
    While most crypto investors are shooting for the moon, Blockstream is focused on things a bit closer to Earth: in the outermost layer of its atmosphere, to be exact.Blockstream’s Bitcoin satellites are something out of science fiction. Orbiting in our planet’s exosphere, the spacecrafts broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain across the globe. Anyone can access the […]
    Colin Harper
  • Op Ed: Bitcoin Is a Declaration of Our Monetary Independence December 14, 2018
    Nick Spanos is an early adopter and innovator in the blockchain space. He is best known for launching Bitcoin Center NYC, the world’s first live cryptocurrency exchange, in 2013, right next to the New York Stock Exchange — as immortalized in the Netflix documentary “Banking on Bitcoin.” As part of Bitcoin Magazine’s series of interviews and op eds leading up […]
    Nick Spanos
  • Finland Hands Over Info for 2,700 Danish Traders to Denmark’s Tax Agency December 14, 2018
    Finnish tax authorities have handed over information on 2,700 bitcoin traders to its Danish counterpart, Skattestyrelsen (SKAT).According to a press release, the traders used an undisclosed Finnish exchange to collectively purchase and sell some $15.65 million worth of bitcoin (102.7 million kronor) between 2015 and 2017. A handful of these investors traded […]
    Jessie Willms
  • After $4M Funding Round, BlockFi Eyes Savings Account, Crypto Credit Cards December 13, 2018
    BlockFi, the New York-based startup that provides crypto collateralized loans, has raised additional funds to expand its services. The startup announced that it has received an additional $4 million in its recent funding round in a company blog post.The rec […]
    Colin Harper
  • Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts December 12, 2018
    German blockchain startup Bitwala has launched crypto banking in Germany.After securing €4 million (roughly $4.5 million) from VC firms Earlybird and Coparion in September of 2018 to develop a crypto banking solution, the company has allegedly amassed a waiting list of 30,000 potential users.Bitwala's new banking solution, which it claims was built to […]
    Jimmy Aki


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