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Reddit: Reddit forums are probably the best for getting that techy insider scoop.  There is a lot of content pertaining to bitcoin, a tipping system in which bitcoin users can tip each other for their comments and work.  Each CryptoCurrency has its own sub reddit.  Be sure to know that any forums on reddit are closely monitored and legit.  Reddit is a great website for information, and a great place to get started with cryptocurrency and get to know people within the different communities.

Tipping– You can earn bitcoin by getting tipped and you can also tip others.  Click the link for a full explanation.

Begging– You can beg for bitcoin by offering jobs here.  This is not for sob story begging, although there are quite a few interesting posts that surprisingly enough got tipped.  Creativity is key, it seems.

Jobs4Bitcoins– Find an actual job that will pay you in bitcoin by posting your skills and what you can offer, or you can post to hire someone that will work for bitcoin.  This seems to cater more to the IT pro that can offer digital services, although there are posts for local, physical work.– This is an Escrow service for Jobs4Bitcoins.  A third party evaluates the work to make sure it is accurate before sending any payments.  This is used more for work related to coding or programming.

Other– You can print safe paper wallets here, and there is also a video on making paper wallets.

A paper wallet is a mechanism for storing bitcoins offline as a physical document that can be secured like cash or anything else of real-world value. Paper wallets are generally created by printing a brand new public address and private key onto paper, and then sending bitcoins from a “live” wallet to the printed wallet’s public address for safekeeping. If good security practices are followed, paper wallets are one of the safest ways to to store Bitcoins. -the bitcoin wiki

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Tutorial– An easy to follow tutorial on creating your own paper wallet.

The bitcoin wiki– The Bitcoin wiki.  For all your bitcoin information needs.– Companies around the world who’ve registered as accepting bitcoin on this website will be listed.  Check if someone accepts bitcoin in your area!