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I use this system on a daily basis and I am receiving payments frequently from multiple sources.


Bitcoin AllStars Earnings Network Tutorial and User Guide for new users. 15 Simple Steps to get completely started with bitcoin! V2.0

Get started with bitcoin in 7 easy steps!

Start earning bitcoin, promoting bitcoin and your referral links in 3 easy steps to build a downline to generate additional earnings while your friends earn bitcoin for themselves under you!

Use our easy to follow 5 Part system to maximize your earnings!

I mostly browse Bitcoin websites with:

I avoid Internet Explorer and it is not recommended.

Before you get fully started with bitcoin, you will need a few items in order to fully secure your bitcoin. There are companies currently working around the clock to fix the technical gap between the general public and the small complexities of bitcoin. While this can take a little bit of time, this tutorial will facilitate, in simple terms, how to get started with bitcoin and avoid any troubles. There are also a lot of companies giving out free bitcoin to supporters of the community just for being a part of their system. This tutorial will help you get started on generating a small amount of bitcoin every month. In the long run these small amounts will add up. While these small amounts may not be worth much now, they are expected to be worth more in the future and could buy you a car, a house, a yacht or all three with retirement. Who knows? All of these services are free and simply require a little bit of time in exchange. These are things you can do while you’re watching TV, cooking dinner, spending time with your family or playing video games. You can even replace your game-time with the bitcoin game and actually get something out of it. Maybe bitcoin will bust, but nobody can determine that but time, and now is the time to get in on it in order to remotely benefit.  People have already benefited a great deal by supporting bitcoin!  Why not join in on the revolution?  This is not intended to make you rich, it is intended to get you accustomed to how the bitcoin works and performing bitcoin transactions. 

The best way for anyone to support bitcoin is to simply accept bitcoin as payment for your products or services. Tell your bosses or local businesses to consider accepting bitcoin and to look into it.

Backing up your digital wallet, password database and other key items are important. You should at least 2-5 USB Thumb drives. They can be 1GB or larger. It would probably be better to use a larger one, but for now a few small ones should do the job and are fairly cheap. Using the same form of back-up is never a smart idea, so you will also need CD/DVD back-ups, and perhaps a private e-mail that will hold a back-up of your things. You can use your imagination as to the type of back-ups you can have depending on what you are backing up.

For now, it is very easy to get started without all that stuff. After all, you haven’t earned any bitcoin, so you should be assured that if you follow this tutorial, your bitcoin will be relatively safe and it is unlikely that anyone will be going after your small amount that has not even been paid to you yet. So let’s move on, and these items and back-up related things can slowly be implemented into the system with ease. You can easily create zipped back-ups and store them in an e-mail account. The possibilities are endless.

Please note that this tutorial is intended to get you started with bitcoin. It is fairly easy to build up $1 worth of bitcoin today. The idea is that $1 worth of bitcoin today is expected to be worth much more in 5-10 years. Getting started with and promoting bitcoin now can pay out big time in the long run. The rewards systems implemented for referring your friends to these bitcoin related websites could really pay out aswell, and getting in on this revolutionary technology now before it’s too late is the only way to ensure any kind of residual income if this were to take off, and it will.

Tutorial Layout

Tutorial Part 1 – Get Started with Bitcoin in 6 easy Steps!

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
Tutorial Part 2 – Start earning bitcoin, promoting bitcoin and your referral links in 3 easy steps to build a downline to generate additional earnings while your friends earn bitcoin for themselves.
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3 – 5 part earnings system included – Setting up your browser: Open the following earnings sources in order so that they are set up in your tabs respectively.
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5


Tutorial Part 1 – Get started with bitcoin in 7 easy steps!

Step 1

Still a crucial step, you must use a clean computer. This is a concept that a lot of people don’t utilize, and are left with stolen bitcoin and try to blame the system. This provides a common misconception of what bitcoin really is and the potential that it has. It took me a lot of thinking as to whether or not I was going to categorize this as step 1, but self security is key to survival in the world of the internet. Remember that this is a decentralized currency, so there are no banks involved. You are your own bank, and your computer is now your safe deposit box. Secure your content. (Don’t get discouraged by this, there is a lot of good advice in this text to get settled in quite comfortably in the bitcoin community)

Using a computer full of software, apps, toolbars, cracked software (pirated software) and utorrent can provide a huge risk factor due to software not being up to date. There are tons of scams everywhere with people trying to steal your money or identity. You should treat bitcoin no different. There are virus’s that will simply steal your bitcoin. It won’t damage your computer but your wallet will be emptied. This tutorial, along with the sources on, should prevent any of that from happening because you are browsing through legitimate sources. Tutorials for proper use of each individual earnings source are being added on a regular basis. Before running any possibly outdated software on your computer, you should check for updates. As long as you don’t use the software, it is relatively safe. Therefore, updating as you use the software helps keep them all up-to-date.

Use a dirty computer at your own risk. Being a part of the Bitcoin network and having any of your accounts or wallets compromised only damages the Bitcoin network, bitcoin as a whole (because the scammers and hackers will win) and yourself because you wasted your time due to your own negligence. So I ask that you please use a clean PC and educate yourself on maintaining a virus free computer. Using a Virtual Machine has been untested, but it is not recommended, because storing your bitcoin wallet within a virtual machine could be disastrous if your virtual HD were to become corrupt. Using Windows XP Mode is highly NOT RECOMMENDED because Windows XP support is obsolete.  However; using a Virtual Machine to browse the web would keep you from causing damage to your main windows installation.

This step can be partially skipped by signing up to coinbase and setting up an online digital wallet. I generally use Coinbase (make sure you set up two-factor authenticatoin) to make bitcoin purchases, but you still need to be careful. Do not download untrusted software from unknown sources. The best way to avoid any problems is to start fresh. The following is needed software to maintain a clean computer, so even if you skip starting fresh, you should run a full scan following these steps:

  1. Download and install CCleaner Free at to keep your temp and history folder clear. Learn More
  2. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free at to help detect malware that your anti-virus can miss.
  3. Download and install anti-virus software if you don’t already have it. While there is paid anti-virus software, there’s a lot of free anti-virus software available.  A good list with many choices can be found here for your convenience: – The Best Free Antivirus for 2014

Now that we have step one aside, we can move on to Step 2.

Step 2

I highly recommend you use a password database. Can you imagine if you tried to remember the password to all the accounts you’re about to create? Much less setting the same password for everything and having your password compromised, lost, or forgotten! There goes everything! A HIGHLY recommended password database: Use this database to store your passwords. You do not need to use passwords that you can remember. Let the database generate an encrypted password for you. This ensures security. Use a different password for every, and I mean EVERY website you sign up for and don’t use any passwords that you are currently using. Use any sources outside of the BitcoinAllStars Network at your own risk. Using a separate undesired e-mail address for such ventures is a good idea. If you find a venture that works, tell me about it!  I will use you as my referral and look into it. If the service is legit, I will add it to the my earnings page! Through the power of numbers we can build a system of legitimate sources that are scam-free and weed out the scams. As you learn to use keepass, you will end up wanting to use it for all of your password protected accounts.

Use the USB and back-up devices previously mentioned to back up your KeePass database.  Save your database after every entry and you should back it up frequently. If you use just 1 USB for back-up, and your computer dies, and your USB is faulty, you’ve lost everything. So multiple back-ups are a smart idea. The e-mail storage back-up mentioned earlier is a great idea, just make sure you don’t use a keepass password for that e-mail, unless password resetting options are easy. This would really ensure a safe e-mail account. Make sure you store the master password to your database in a physical location if you think you’ll forget it. Lamination is a good idea.

Step 3

Determine your “Bitcoin Alias”.

Step 4

Acquire a new email address pertaining to your bitcoin endeavors. Some websites will require secondary email authentication, in which case you can probably use your existing e-mail. Otherwise, make a second e-mail account. These days most people have more than one, so this step should be easy to complete. You should consider using Set up a Google Voice account and acquire a google voice number. When it comes to putting out any phone number specific information on websites, try to use your google voice number. While the websites listed on have no proof of spamming and are legitimate, any adventuring you do in the bitcoin world and the internet needs to be done with caution. This should help your private information stay private.

Step 5

You are now ready to take your first step into the bitcoin world! By now you may or may not have gone to and like/follow my facebook/twitter feeds. If not, you should do so now to support our cause and our network. My tutorial is free and I do not have plans to ever charge for this information. Sign-ups, likes and follows is considered your donation in order to ensure sustainability.  Need help getting referrals?  Limited webhosting available with a select choice of subdomains for you to put up a site with your referral links. This should help all members acquire referrals easily.

Step 6

You are now ready to acquire a wallet. The best software wallet to use in this scenario is Multibit: Java is needed to use MultiBit.

Download Java at

WalletsBitcoin-QT is a program that helps run the bitcoin network. This requires a lot of time, computer power and resources to synchronize to the network as it downloads the entire blockchain. This could take a very long time and your wallet will be pretty inaccessible until it’s done. Every time you close this program, you are not logged into the network so the next time you open it you will be out of synch and will have to download the latest blockchain activity. Unless you are into mining, have a lot of disk space or really want to support Bitcoin by providing a node, this will not due and is not needed. While you can use it, and have it as an optional wallet, I recommend you use Multibit for quick access and ease of use. Armory requires Bitcoin-QT to run in the background, so it is undesired for this tutorial. This tutorial is to get you started quickly, and having to read this takes long enough. Let’s not wait for the wallet to synchronise 300 weeks of blockchain data or slow your computer down by having it run in the background as we get started.

Download, install and run multibit. Here you can have multiple wallets. Wallets use wallet addresses to send to one another. You can have as many wallet addresses as you want for one bitcoin wallet, and you can have Multiple Bitcoin wallets within Multibit. It is highly recommended you use a separate wallet address for every earnings source. This keeps your wallet safer, and helps you keep track of what earnings sources are paying you. Generate new addresses when using new sources. When you begin to do business with bitcoin and/or trade bitcoin with others, you will want to use a new address for every individual transaction, and maybe the same address for returning customers so for now, 1 wallet address per source is exactly what we want. A separate “Donation” address would be desirable as well. Who knows, maybe someone will donate to you or your cause? You can generate a different wallet entirely for every source if you so desire, but I wouldn’t recommend that for newbies as it would require too many files to back up.

Use keePass to encrypt your wallet with a password. Save your keepass database and create a back-up. You will need keepass to access your wallet. Multibit lets you view your wallet without the password if it was never closed, but you will need it to send bitcoin and you will need it to generate new addresses. You can generate more than 1 address at a time so that this process is not tedious. If you lose your keepass database [password], you will lose your bitcoin as you will clearly lose access to your wallet. You can even print it out, laminate, and put it in a safe deposit box. It is important to know that if you do not encrypt your wallet, anyone and anything can spend your bitcoin.  Even your cat.  Encrypting your wallet will require the password every time you spend, or add a new address.  Can you imagine how hard it would be for a theif who just stole your physical fiat wallet to spend your fiat currency (dollars) if they needed a 128-bit encrypted password to retrieve the dollars from your wallet? There are Bitcoin Wallets available on the Google Play store and you can easily have a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone.  

Step 7

You are now ready to start signing up to earnings sources and free bitcoin websites listed on along with featured altcoins.

The rest of this tutorial will help you maximize your earnings, while getting acquainted with this revolutionary currency of the internet.  This is a quick set-up if you use the links on our earnings page Here.

A quick run down on bitcon values:

1.0 BTC = 1,000 mBTC = 1,000,000 µBTC(Bit)

0.1 BTC = 100 mBTC = 100,000 µBTC(Bit)

0.01 BTC = 10 mBTC = 10,000 µBTC(Bit)

0.001 BTC = 1 mBTC = 1,000 µBTC(Bit)

0.0001 BTC = 0.1 mBTC = 100 µBTC(Bit)

0.00001 BTC = 0.01 mBTC = 10 µBTC(Bit)

0.000001 BTC = 0.001 mBTC = 1 µBTC(Bit)

0.0000001 BTC = 0.0001 mBTC = 0.1 µBTC(Bit)

0.00000001 BTC = 0.00001 mBTC = 0.01 µBTC(Bit) = 1 Satoshi

20,000 satoshi has the potential of being worth $1, $20, and even 200$ and it is very easy to acquire using this system.

Tutorial – Part 2

Start earning bitcoin, promoting bitcoin and your referral links in 3 easy steps to build a downline to generate additional earnings while your friends earn bitcoin for themselves.

Step 1


Be sure to set up a separate wallet address for each earnings source, label it as such so that you do not forget. In order to get paid from some sources, you MUST submit your wallet address under your account profile.

The order that these earnings sources are put together are done so in order to maximize your earnings. You should follow it precisely and adjust accordingly to your own style as you get acquainted with the system.

Most of these earnings sources utilize a referral/affiliate program for higher earnings potential when you get your friends to join the site and start earning for themselves. If you are using this tutorial, I hope that you are a part of the downline, as our downline helps sustain our network. If you are new to bitcoin, please use our referral links to show your appreciation for the tutorial. If you are not new, and have friends who are new or could use some guidance, send them our way and share a referral or 2. Sign up for our free page so that you can send them our way and still give them your referral links.

There are 16 earnings sources total, but we will only be using 8 or so tabs at a time once we get going. (This is 8 or so open websites at the same time) Others don’t need checking that often, some don’t really need checking at all (but it’s still fun to check, especially when you get your friends to sign up). These tabs are set up from left to right. The system will be explained in full as you get set up and acquainted. You basically have your pay-to-click and short-timer earners and games starting on the left most tab, followed by timed bitcoin faucets that show a timer on the tab (used for timing purposes) on a 1 hour countdown timer, and finally, commutative bitcoin faucets with rotators. This is a large group of faucets that got together and pay your earnings to what I call a “mother site” that holds your earnings until you reach a minimum payout. These payouts are required to meet certain minimum threshold requirements and fees. While bitcoin is considered “fee free” some transactions have fees, and therefore require a minimum payout. These transaction fees are very minimal, and reasonable. The distance does not matter, and the time is fairly instant. The most valuable attribute of bitcoin. This system can help you earn bitcoin while getting to understand how bitcoin works.  I have provided short-term payouts that will keep you satisfied while you make the best of what Bitcoin has to offer.  


Before you get completely started, let me explain the systems’ timer: It is based on one hour, and its easy to use the timer listed on the website tab to time it. Once you have your tabs set-up, you work from right to left, starting with the hourly faucets. These faucets work on a 1 hour timer and only takes a couple of minutes to clear. 

Step 2

Signing up to earnings sources. Go to and use our links/referral links to sign up under the Bitcoin AllStars network. Remember this helps support the network and the free tutorial and we are already a part of a great downline so it will still benefit everyone. Consider it your donation. If you are not new, that’s okay too. If you have friends that are new, send some our way to help support. Step 2 can be done slowly while Setting up your browser if you don’t want to get bogged down signing up to all of them first. This is recommended so that you can slowly get acquainted with each earnings source. If you don’t have time for some of the more time consuming earnings sources try qoinpro first as you will be done with qoinpro the quickest. Then move on to the next one in line etc. While the payout can take a while, it will happen and if you can refer your friends it will happen sooner and more often.

Step 3 – Use our easy to follow 5 Part system to maximize your earnings!

The longest step because it explains each earnings source and has our 5 part earnings system included – Setting up your browser: Open the following earnings sources in order so that they are set up in your tabs respectively. The sources will be listed in order from RIGHT to LEFT on your BROWSER TABS. Once you get used to the system, you’ll realize why it is more efficient to work this way.

Part 1

Go to– A great faucet and highly recommended. You can roll once every hour for a huge payout, and they have a mini gambling game you can play if you’re feeling lucky. I have personally hit the 3rd highest roll on the free hourly roll. Use the timer to remind yourself it’s time to check out other sources. At this point it is time to go to Part 2, and then on to Part 3 until the 1 hour timer runs out.  Double up with and get more than one cryptocurrency at a time!

Part 2

This part is under construction due to and Bitchest no longer paying and have been removed from our system.

Part 3

Load the following four websites: [VisitBit, BitVisitor, CoinAd and BTCClicks]

These all pay to view ads on a timer. Each have their own payout minimum, and they all pay. 

BTCClicks– A great earner whether you are a premium or standard user. Upgraded memberships get paid more per ad, and a bit more from referrals’ clicks as well. A nice feature is they have referrals available to rent. All around they get an A+, an easy earner and you could easily use your earnings to upgrade!

CoinAd– Watch ads and get paid in bitcoin. Very simple and a low cash-out of 0.15 mBTC. This is definitely a highly recommended PTC site worth signing up to.

BitVisitor– This is a great faucet for viewing ads. Simply enter your wallet address and enter the captcha before each ad. The ads run for 5 minutes, and you are paid between 0.80 uBTC and 5.0 uBTC and they don’t pay out until you’ve accumulated 100 uBTC which is 10,000 Satoshi or 0.00010000 BTC. I’ve been paid the most by them and this is one of my favourite.

VisitBit– A new PTC site that I stumbled upon and pays to your account. A great site and a great way to feed an important ‘online wallet’ that you’re going to need anyways.

Part 4

BitcoinBlizzard– This is a traffic exchange website that also has faucets. You need to sign up to Your bitcoinblizzard faucets and earnings will go there. Surfing ads rewards you with AD Credits. These Ad credits are not redeemable for cash or bitcoin. They are redeemable for web views, clicks, and banner and text ad impressions and views. This allows you to advertise your own referral links and build a down-line of your own through advertising on the internet. This is very nice when you get a few friends to sign up, and through the power of web traffic you get a few extra sign-ups.

SheriHitz– The same concept as BitcoinBlizzard with a different approach. So far this site is great and looks very promising. Use this site to promote your referral links.

Part 5

Go to One of: [BitToClick, Earn Crypto, BitcoinGet] – There’s really not a whole lot of time to work on all 3 of these, or 2 of these, at once, so better to just pick one for now, and try them out individually as you go.

Getting Paid to watch videos and complete an array of various tasks that pay out differently. Some are worth doing, some can be buggy, and some are not. The desirability of these tasks depends entirely on the user and how much time they want to spend doing the tasks. Some tasks screen you before you start them by asking questions to see if you qualify. If you don’t qualify, do not be discouraged. Try another task or an easier one that pays out less. New tasks are added constantly, and daily. These sites are to the left of the browser (All Sites Tabbed) and you leave these sites running in the background. You will get back to them when you have the “Time”. I generally just pick one that I will work on and I work on it until I either run out of ads, or at least desirable ones (Time permitting), or until I reach some form of payout. What I mean by this is some sites, like EarnCrypto, require a 1000 point inner payout, 3000 point outter payout system. This will be explained further down.

BitToClick– This is a newer pay to click website and they have the option of getting paid to your paypal or your bitcoin wallet. A very nice, and easy to use layout. Good rewards. Definitely worth signing up to and clicking some ads.

EarnCrypto–  This one is my favourite, and an awesome cryptocurrency earning website. You get paid to perform some tasks using crowdflower, watching videos and completing offers. For new users they have smart-phone apps and games you can download and will be rewarded with points just for downloading and using them once. You can cash out your points in more than one cryptocurrency. They even have the option to get paid in Linden Dollars, the SecondLife on-line community currency. Definitely worth signing up to and my top choice when getting set up. Many different tasks available each day that pay differently. Very easy to acquire a payout.

BitcoinGet– This one is my second favourite. A good earner, they do pay out and it doesn’t take long to reach the payout threshold. It does not take very long at all to get paid. It seems to conflict with certain browsers but as mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial it’s best viewed with TOR or Firefox.


Qoinpro is residual, just recruit and watch. 999Dice is gambling, so unless you like to gamble, recruiting will create residual income. Coinbase is an exchange stationed in the U.S. and is a cloud mining company. Check out the description on the website for more info. There is not much of a need to be logged in and earning, they provide a different type of service.

Thank you for reading my tutorial. If you appreciate this tutorial and would like to donate, you may donate in the following coin:

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